For Flat/ Apartment Owners

Condensation & Mould Solutions

Condensation is perhaps the most common form of dampness in Flats/ Apartments and can lead to peeling decorations, unhealthy living conditions and potentially risky mould growth.

When temperatures inside Flats/ Apartments drop, the air becomes saturated and can no longer hold onto the moisture created in Flats/ Apartments and so it migrates to the coldest surfaces – such and walls and windows.

Lack of adequate ventilation and modern occupancy styles can lead to a build up of excessive humidity and moisture. This poor indoor air quality can lead to serious health issues for asthma and allergy sufferers and those with breathing difficulties.

Effects of condensation

If condensation occurs over a prolonged period of time, other signs will start to appear such as damp patches on walls, peeling wallpaper and ultimately black mould growth! These issues can be unsightly and unhealthy.

Identifying condensation

So how can we identify when a problem may be present?

  • Streaming/steamed up windows
  • Damp patches on walls
  • Wallpaper damage i.e. peeling and stained
  • Blackened window frames
  • Mould growth, usually black mould, starts to appearSoft furnishings and
  • fabrics become prone to mould and mildew

Unfortunately the reason for condensation being so common is due to simplistic day to day activities within our homes, even down to just simply breathing! But the key is, does your home have sufficient ventilation?

Through the daily routine of showers, baths, boiling kettles, cooking, drying clothes and breathing we produce a significant amount of moisture per day and this moisture has to end up somewhere.

Condensation solutions

There are simple ways in which to reduce condensation within the home such as opening windows, not drying clothing indoors, using extractor fans , keeping inside temperature reasonably constant. Action can be taken towards the prevention of condensation but this must be kept under control and the key is good constant ventilation!

Our ventilation systems will combat most condensation problems by replacing moist humid air in the home with fresh air from outside the home.

Building regulations now call for more energy efficient, air tight houses, however these cause ventilation problems which in turn causes humid air and condensation, our “positive input” ventilation system addresses these issues.

We offer all of our customers the best possible cost effective solution with guaranteed results!