For Homeowners

Condensation & Mould is an increasing problem for homeowners, landlords and Housing associations in the UK and it can effect us…

For Self Builders

Building your own home, or embarking on a large renovation project, can be a daunting prospect, with a myriad of legislation…

For Flat/ Apartment Owners

Condensation is perhaps the most common form of dampness in Flats/ Apartments and can lead to peeling decorations, unhealthy…

For Landlords

Tenants are notorious for not opening windows, drying clothes on radiators or using tumble dryers with no vent hose! Their portable gas heaters…

For Housing Associations

Home Ventilation Solutions has worked with Social Housing providers for many years, curing condenssation & mould in properties…

For Architects

Building regulations now call for more energy efficient, air tight houses, however these cause ventilation problems which in turn causes…

What People Say


Letting of our apartments and flats each year is made so much easier with Flatmaster installed. No more musty smells meeting prospective tenants during viewings. Brilliant!

Alistair McKenzie

I couldn’t believe the difference. The system operates so quietly. The mould is gone and the house smells fresh as a daisy.

Peter Ryan

Our tenants are delighted with the system you installed and the condensation problem seems to have been fixed overnight. Thanks for your help.

Daniel Fitzpatrick

Product and service top quality. We will be telling all of our friends and family about Home Vent and their ventilation products.

Alison Kenny

We have lived with damp for several years and your unit has helped instantly, it’s absolutely fantastic! Thank you for your help.

Martin Doherty