Improve Air Quality, Eliminate Condensation

Does your home suffer any of the following?… Condensation | Dampness | Musty Smells | Steamy Windows | Poor Indoor Air Quality…You need the Clean Air Solution from Nuaire: The Drimaster is a low cost ‘whole house’ ventilation solution.

How it Works

Air drawn through the loft by Drimaster is tempered by the heat that exists in all attics. This heat comes from solar gain combined with the heat that is conducted through the ceiling of the home. As the air passes through the diffuser it re-circulates the lost heat that gathers at ceiling level, thus providing a three way heat recovery. Old contaminated vapour laden air in the home is continuously diluted and displaced through the leakage points that are found in all houses. This is replaced with refreshed, filtered, tempered air creating an environment in which condensation dampness cannot exist.

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